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Denmark: Lousiana Museum: Works from the Celia Ascher Donation


13.1.2015 - 19.4.2015


Louisiana has received eight unique works by Picasso, Miró, Kandinsky, Pollock, Dubuffet, Kiefer and Kelly. They form part of an extraordinary donation, valued at more than 100 million DKK, from the deceased Celia Ascher, New York.

Celia Ascher, the former director of The Riklis-McCrory Collection in New York, has been one of Louisiana's faithful friends and generous supporters since 1977. To mark the receipt of the final part of the donation from The Joseph and Celia Ascher Collection, which comprises a total of 200 works, a selection of 50 works are mounted in The Asger Jorn Gallery of the North Wing. 

Naturally, this selection comprises the eight works which, until Celia Ascher’s passing last year, aged 93, she had kept in her private home in New York. They were her personal favorites.

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