our boss:  Coleman

he's a pug.  he says he's the boss around here.     

our philosophy:

inspired by the optimistic jet set international travelers of the 1950s and 60s, we offer exquisite homes and objects from around the world:

          * authentic items rich in culture and history that tell a story

          * well-designed items which provide comfort and beauty

          * stylish items which speak of the hands and minds which created them

our story:

We've been focused on creative forward-thinking designers & architects since we opened shop in 1995.

what we do:

we offer quality mid-century modern houses and design items (new & vintage) which enhance life. 

we aim to laugh hysterically... to operate this business with integrity, honesty, and joy... to provide great customer service... to enjoy life and travel often.



Baha Ra





Joe Kunkel